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Omni Wheeled Robot

Omni Wheeled Robot

This is the homepage for the omni wheeled robot projoct using the beaglebone and stepper motors.

Beaglebone PRU Programming in C

Beaglebone PRU

Here is an explanation of coding the Beaglebone PRU in C, comparing assembly instructions with C code.

Pololu DRV8824 and Microstepping

Custom UM3 Door

The Pololu DRV8824 sepper motor driver board does have an issue with micro-stepping. The theory behind this is explained here.

Japan Robot Stores

RoboSquare Fokuoka

Here you'll find a report of Japan's best robot and electronic components stores.

Pivot Robot Project

Pivot Hexapod Robot Design and Building

How to design, build, and program an autonomous walking robot can be found here.